The forgotten Masses

The past months have been uncertain and scariest as the world faced the greatest pandemic and exposed the gaps in a lot of countries’ policies and implementation strategies towards achieving inclusive sustainable development.

I saw the inequalities in the education system broadening up as schools premises were forced to shut and opt for online learning which left the forgotten masses of learners with special needs hopeless. Were countries ready for this sudden shift? Not a bit. The techonogical infrastructure in many countries, especiallly developing countries is not good enough for this. It was the survival of the fittest and those with a stronger financial muscle might be 2/3 steps ahead to those from economically disadvantaged families.

The often forgotten learners with special education needs faced even far worst challenges, twice or more of what they normally go through under normal circumstances. Limitted access to information and equal access to education and health services which is the everyday challenge, leveled up.

The fear triggered by misinformation on Covid-19, causes and Vaccines leaves people with disabilities even more vulnerable as the information from trusted sources is often not accessible to the disability community. The national Covid-19 response team structure not disability inclusive, therefore leaves a high posibility for disability exclusive straregies.




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