The Great De-Urbanisation of Great Britain.

As commuting to work becomes less of a necessity thanks to Work From Home, an opportunity presents itself. Boris Johnson has promised to “Build Back Better”, and perhaps the key to this is to build commuter villages across the country. Gone is the need for centralised towns, which while unhelpful for the town centre, is a wonderful prospect for real-estate agents. The creation of small new towns on side roads across the nation offers a real chance not just for providing homes, but for providing work for small businesses away from the great metropolitan urban areas. This kind of opportunity is unique, and could perhaps be accompanied by a government grant to Work From Home companies as well as employees, to encourage moving away from town centres – which would have the further benefit of providing more spaces for offices, retail, student housing etc. These developments would of course have to be mindful of keeping Britain’s great green spaces undisturbed, which is why new towns or villages could be limited to a certain number of homes, with a few unallocated slots for retail or business, as well as by imposing a height limit on homes.




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