A preprepared track and trace system that has use during normal times

Britain was ill-prepared to track and trace its citizens the during the Covid-19 crisis. A variety of schemes were announced with great fanfare, trailed in various localities and then quietly forgotten when they didn’t work. Ahead of a future pandemic or similar national emergency a preprepared system needs to be ready for immediate implementation. This will allow our citizens to be traced to enable targeted tests to be deployed effectively and thereby track and control the progress of a future viral infection or similar national emergency. As it could be a century or longer before another pandemic grips the nation, the scheme has to be useful during normal times and have agency for a verity of beneficial purposes. Importantly the scheme needs to be maintained and ready, scaleable, frequently used, have public acceptance, ideally be low cost or cost neutral and in no way infringe the civil liberties that Britons expect.




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