Exporting teaching services and more choices around school education

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has thrown up new digital solutions for the delivery of teaching services. My daughter is a primary school teacher in Melbourne, Australia and she has been teaching my Burmese born but now UK based 5 year old grandson online during lockdown. Many Government’s in poorer countries across the world struggle to provide a good education to their young people. We in the UK have a great reputation for the supply of teaching/education. With many of the world’s children now speaking or wanting to speak English surely there is an opportunity for our schools to supply good value, affordable online teaching to children across the world. In addition in the UK there could now be more choice and practicality around parental choice for home schooling by making more use of online virtual classrooms. Even in a densely populated UK there is no economic sense in having fully equipped and functioning schools in rural locations attended by only a small number of children. Those children could still attend some sort of community facility but the subject teaching at those premises could be delivered online by great teachers based elsewhere. Play and extra curricular activities could be delivered in those schools by non teaching staff. I hope that you get my drift. Certainly I am of the view that the delivery of teaching will change dramatically over the next 20 years and the UK could be at the forefront of that change. Teaching services could become a major export for the UK




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