NHS covid app, what next?

A lot of effort and money was invested in creating a track and trace app that has been downloaded and used by over 10 million phones. My key challenge is what should we do with this capability and what services should we use it for?

The idea is to create a local 360 degree view of an individual’s historical health events stored on a mobile device. It can be shown by the user to health professionals to improve advice and recommendations. The updated app should allow a user to scan a QR code every time they interact with the NHS to record an interaction. In addition, by allowing the app to scan bar codes, documents and NFR tags, history events could include medical procedures, biometric measurements, consultations, medicine packs, NHS correspondence, NHS professional IDs, etc. Such a history would be wider than NHS interactions and could include holiday treatments, emergencies, private consultants etc. The user can then offer to show an audit list of such interactions to an health care professional who is trying to perform a diagnosis. This would provide history to accompany the patient static data currently maintained in NHS systems.

Security would be controlled by the user who could share the data in locked pdf form to a health care professional who would need both the pdf and user key data to view history e.g. NHS number, name, etc.

The advantages over commercially based solution are

o Trusted accurate patient history would save time spent verbally interrogating patients by health care professions

o The user owns the data and controls its sharing

o The existing patient access app would be focussed as a way to interact with NHS services as a patient in partnership with a GP.




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